Introducing Sphnix, a powerful and easy-to-use cell phone hacking solution. With Sphnix, you can take control of someone’s cell phone remotely and gain access to all of its data in just minutes.

Our software utilizes the Pegasus way of cell phone hacking, which has been proven safe and secure time and again. Our powerful technology allows you to gain complete control over any device with minimal effort. If you’re looking to hire a hacker, look no further than Sphnix.

sphnix software

Features of Sphnix

Sphnix has multiple plan to payment plan that suit your budget and works. Do you need to extract your partner info? Here is a list of what you can use.

From Demo, Basic, Premium, VIP service to Customize service. We offer unlimited plans that can fit your budget. 

Demo:  With demo plan, you can get access to a limited offer to get the hang of it. Demo plan offer you access to the target’s phone for 20 mins usage. Demo plan do not offer premium service such as GPS location, conversation listening, Past messages and many more. 

Basic: This service provides access to the targets phone for a month. You can get access to the current state of the phone and there are no deleted messages, current GPS location, Listening to conversation, camera. You will have access to the current state of the phone. Each plan is renewed each month

Premium: It is comprehensive access to the user phone. You can gain to the full function of the phone. The user device will be cloned to suit your usage.